Celebrating Six Months of Access to Legal Documents

Access to Justice

Onlinewillkit.com recently celebrated its first 6 months and we want to thank everyone who has helped us to improve access to simple legal documents.

We started Onlinewillkit.com because we believe that everyone should have access to easily understandable legal information and be able to assert their legal rights.

Onlinewillkit.com, along with other innovative approaches to legal products and services, are a step towards realising the potential for technology to close the justice gap.

As well as working on new features for Onlinewillkit.com, we’re excited about using human centred design to make more legal documents easier for everyone access.

If you’re in interested in trying out our kit, you can make your own will here.


Brendan Lacota

Lawyer & Cofounder of Onlinewillkit.com